All About Us...



We are Sarah & Sharon, we started this company in 2019 and we are just two girls who are passionate about good quality goods. When covid hit we knew we needed to get this product out to you all, not only keeping us busy but to offer you the very best quality candles.

Both being candle addicts, it was quite easy to come up with our luxury range and why we should name our candles after places or memories rather than scent. How many times do you sniff a candle and it transports you back to a memory? Thats what we want to do for you, every time you sniff our fragrances, you'll be transported back , evoking your memories.

All our candles are hand poured in our small workshop in Cowbridge, Wales. Our team has grown and we have a chief chandler named Chris, a packer, thats Meryl, a labeller Mo, and two dogs, Holly & Kevin. 

We are passionate about great quality goods and know our candles fit the bill, being made with the best ingredients, manufactured in the UK for us.  

We just want to change the world. One candle at a time and with your help we can!