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Welsh Cariad Reed Diffuser 100ml Black Pomegranate.

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Cariad meaning: A sweetheart, a loved one, someone you treasure, that special person who makes your day just a little brighter.

This scent is musky, with tones of Black Pomegranate so it's lush a sexy scent. 

Top colour may vary from Black to Copper

A great alternative to one of our scented soy Cariad tin candles, our Jar, room spray or wax melts

Cariad is a highly fragranced reed diffuser and will last you up to 12 weeks. 

They make the perfect Welsh Gift. 

Supplied with 7 reeds.

100ml of fragrance. 


Our Welsh diffusers are hand poured in our Welsh Studio.


Diffusers are a great way to add fragrance to your home. 

To ensure a great scent throw, flip the reeds once a week.

If you would like a more delicate scent then just flip them less.

Your diffuser will always smell slightly stronger if placed by a draft.