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The Original Welsh Candle Co

Cariad Soy Wax Melts - Black Pomegranate

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  • Meaning: "Cariad" is a Welsh term that translates to "a loved one or sweetheart," adding a sentimental touch to the product's name.

  • Fragrance: The wax melts feature a delightful Black Pomegranate fragrance, described as subtle, soothing, calming, and sophisticated—a scent reminiscent of love and romance.

  • Range: The "Cariad" collection offers various products, including jars, diffusers, wax melts, and room sprays, allowing customers to enjoy the enchanting fragrance in different forms.

  • Ease of Use: The wax melts are designed to be easy to use, providing a convenient way to enjoy the luxurious fragrance without the need for a traditional candle.

  • Quality: Crafted with scented soy wax, the wax melts promise high quality and a lasting fragrance, ensuring an enjoyable sensory experience.

  • Duration: Each wax melt provides approximately 10 hours of scent, allowing for extended enjoyment and creating a welcoming atmosphere in any space.

With its captivating fragrance, convenient usage, and emphasis on quality, the "Cariad" wax melts offer a delightful way to infuse any room with the subtle, calming, and sophisticated aroma of Black Pomegranate—a true "love" scent that adds a touch of romance and warmth to any environment