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The Original Welsh Candle Co

Cwm Rhondda Scented Copper tin candle - fresh linen

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This Welsh candle will help you imagine gardens lined with airing Welsh Blankets, crisp linens that had been washed and wrung by hand air drying in the sunshine.

This is a firm favourite amongst those who love the freshness of linens.

A clean crisp candle. and if you love this scent you are sure to love our Jars, Diffusers, Wax melts and room spray

Our Welsh candles are supplied in a copper-rose gold tin, ideal to reuse.

A perfect gift, who doesn’t love a Luxury candle?

Our Welsh candles are high quality and have a lasting fragrance.

Our Welsh tin candles burn for approx 40 hours.

To ensure a perfect burn, light at first for 4 hours, this will ensure a full melt pool.

Before relighting, trim the wick to 5mm and burn for at least an hour to ensure even burning.
Place out of reach of children, pets and drafts.